[MX Player] Not showing video from OTG pendrive

In this blog post, you will learn on how to solve the problem of mx player that doesn't shows up video files from connected external OTG usb drives.


Here is the list of solution before you try something serious with the content on the drive connected through OTG cable.

Check whether the pendrive is listed in "My Files" app or any file explorer. I usually recommend "X-Plore" or ES-File Explorer. If everything is good and working fine, then go through solution no.:2, if it is not properly mounted on the filesystem, then check either the OTG cable or the pendrive filesystem.

If the problem still persists, then check the drive using another mobile or desktop PC/laptop. Apple users, use your MAC machines to test :p

Try to clear MX player cache. Clearing thumbnail cache doesn't remove the video content actually. They will be rebuilt the next time you browse the video folders in the player. This sometimes works because, when the OTG drive is removed, the thumbnail cache remains useless and that could end up being not listing the USB videos.

Tip: To know how to organize videos in pretty way, click here.

To know how to create a folder in MX player itself, click here.

MX player has a feature of 'refresh' icon in menu bar. That little icon helps to rescan video and other media contents in the external OTG drives.

Comment below if you found some other cool tip to resolve the same. Happy to hear the comments.

Cheers :)