Wednesday, 29 June 2016

[Tutorial] How to get all videos in MX Player

Here's a quick tutorial on how to grab all videos from MX player in one device to another. Have you got handful of videos from someone's mobile to be shared with your's... Here's how...

Step 1:
Go to MX player, choose "View --> Files" from top right drop down menu. This will show all videos from the device in a single list.

To hide a video from the list itself, click here.

Step 2:
Long press on one video to show more option. Now press "tick" icon to select all videos.

Step 3:
Now go to drop down menu, and choose share. Now select the application you will like to share using, such as ShareIt, Superbeam etc.

Now choose the device you want to share.

Tip: use WiFi mode of sharing for faster file transfer.

Once the videos has been sent, now go to MX player on another mobile/tablet and press on "Refresh" button.

If you see folders listed double times, then check out this post by clicking here.

To take screenshot while playing video, click here to check out on another post.

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